Lecture 46.1  ADDA - Motivation - Project Requirements

Lecture 46.1 ADDA - Motivation - Project Requirements

আজকের লেকচারে তেমন কিছু হয়নি। আড্ডা হয়েছে। আর একটা প্রজেক্টের রিকোয়ারমেন্ট দেয়া হয়েছে। যেটা নিচে দেয়া হলো -

Track Zone Project Overview


  • User can set their own time and timezone, this clock can't be deleted only be edited
  • User can create as many clock as they want
    • Each clock has their own title or name
    • Own Timezone
    • Simple Events with time
    • Time difference between users timezone and clock timezone in hour and minute
  • User can edit or delete a clock
  • Timezone could be UTC (standard), GMT, PST, EST
  • only date-ns library is allowed for this project. rest of the logic should write by yourself
  • Every data must be validated

What to submit?

  • A proper breakdown of the requirements
  • Component Tree and Data Flow
  • Finally, Proper use of components and custom hooks